HACK 3: build relationships

connect with intentionality


  • How often do you give specific praise to a staff member (getting beyond, great job)?
  • What would have to go away for you to schedule time to write 2 positive notes per day to staff?
  • How could you ditch the information of the Opening Staff meeting to give people more time to connect?

Building relationships takes time, and there are days that you will feel like you have none. Dealing with all the things on your plate and the day-to-day operations of school can get overwhelming. However, if you think about relationship building in small  increments, the idea is much easier to fathom. Every interaction with your staff shapes the culture of your building. You build culture every time you walk down the hallway, every time you bend down to help a student tie a shoe, every time you walk into a classroom to have a heartfelt conversation with a staff member. The building leader has a profound impact on the learning environment. We will get what we model in all areas of our work.