HACK 9: collaborate and learn

facilitate collective professional development

Teachers need learning that is personalized, relevant, and easily applied to their context. Providing professional development with these qualities will encourage educators to be actively engaged in self-directed learning experiences. As a result they will access information, ideas, and resources that will enhance their craft and have a positive impact on their schools. Rather than waiting for someone else to decide on and implement professional development, educators can actively look to address personal and professional goals once they have the tools to do so. Instead of simply being receivers of professional development, educators can be generators of information and catalysts of others’ professional development, both within and beyond their school settings.




Discussion Questions

  • How do you balance the value of individual professional growth with school and district growth?
  • What do you do as a leader to cultivate the environment for collaborative growth?
  • What connection tools outside of Twitter can you use to connect your staff to great educators across the world? How/when do you give them time to explore those options?